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Clinic of reproductive medicine

Our Prague clinic is our newest facility, ideally located in close proximity to the city center, metro, airport, and train station. Our state-of-the-art facilities and convenient location make this clinic an excellent choice for treatment.

At our clinic, assisted reproduction is tailored to every couple’s needs according to both the patient’s health condition and personal requests.

Unica clinic is among the top european medical facilities in assisted reproduction with a proven track record dating back to 1991. Our first IVF baby was born in 1993. Since then, 10 000 babies were born with the help of UNICA.

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Discover an individualized experience with unrivalled professionalism, comfort, and attention. We offer the highest quality of medical care at convenient location. The clinic is staffed by very bright and well qualified professionals, use the latest equipment, offer no waiting periods, and apply the most rigorous best practice standards.



Team of doctors and embryologists internationally trained and ESHRE certified specialists.


Anamnesis patient file distance preparation so that your doctor knows you even before you enter the clinic.


Our modern clinic is build and equipped to the lates industry and regulatory standards.


No waiting list - begin your egg or sperm donation treatment as soon as possible.

Our satisfied patients

If you are still hesitant about the treatment in our medical facilities, listen to the stories of our satisfied clients.