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When you know your health risks, you can focus on preventing them. You will find out your predispositions and risks for a whole range of diseases, and at the same time, you will get specific recommendations for disease prevention and health optimization.

With more than 77+ insights, you will receive a detailed description of your disease risks, along with personalized recommendations to improve your health. All findings are constantly updated and sent in the mobile app. Everything to make you healthier and feel better.

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Why is it special

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77+ results for your health and disease prevention

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Personalized recommendations and features based on the latest research

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Easy access to your results in mobile app

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Simple collection of saliva sample from the comfort of your home

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FREE online consultation with a doctor

Secure your family's health

Uncover any potential genetic risks and make informed decisions. Our DNA test is designed to provide genetic insights into whether you and your partner carry inherited conditions that may affect your unborn child.

Perfect option for couples who are planning to start a family and want to know exactly the possible health risks for the child to help prevent them more effectively.

How does the testing work


Purchase a test kit and collect saliva.


Send your sample to the laboratory.


Sign in the Macromo mobile app.


Receive results and start improving.

Results overview

Quality analysis of the most important parts of your DNA is the first step towards preventive healthcare. After purchasing the test, you will learn the risks and recommendations in following areas.

Common diseases are responsible for the majority of health problems worldwide, but with the right approach, 60 to 90% of them can be prevented. Macromo can help you uncover your lifestyle risk factors and genetics for these diseases so you can take actionable steps to prevent them and extend your active life.

Knowing your genetic predisposition for different types of cancer will help you know which preventive check-ups you should definitely not forget. At the same time, you can prevent many cancers by making appropriate lifestyle changes.

Find out if you are a carrier of any of the recessively inherited diseases. These are diseases that are unlikely to affect you but may affect your children.

Online medical consultation

Don't clearly understand your results or potential diseases? Our DNA test also includes a medical consultation, during wich our doctor will completely analyze the results of your DNA reports and give you all the necessary information in a clear form. This online follow-up consultation lasts 20 minutes where you have space to discuss any further steps concerning your health condition.


220 USD

including medical consultation and family planning

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