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Understand your Genes with DNA test and discover your predispositions, disease risks, metabolism and ideal dieat comfortable from your home. You will receive the test results in the Macromo app, which you can download from the Apple store or Google Play on your mobile phone.

Your DNA carries valuable information that reveals what diseases your body is susceptible to or what drugs it can't tolerate. In addition, DNA can tell you what sports you're suited to or what foods to eliminate from your diet. The DNA test is painless, it is taken from saliva and you can take it yourself in the comfort of your own home.


Why choose our genetic testing?

1 Accurate and affordable health solution

A DNA test analyzes your genetic code for predispositions to disease risks, the composition of your diet, athletic performance, medication metabolism and much more. Knowing your genetics can improve your health in all of these areas.

icon Disease Prevention

Get predictions of disease risks and prevent them efficiently before they develop.

icon Medication Tolerance

Discover your body’s reaction to commonly prescribed medications and choose the most efficient.

icon Athletic Potential

Learn about your physical predispositions and personalize your training.

icon The Right Diet

Uncover how you absorb nutrients, and what foods you should avoid.

2 All of your data is safe

We are the first privacy-focused service on the market. Personal data such as your name or address, is never linked to your account in the mobile app. Therefore, no one, including our employees, can connect your identity and your health information.

3 Next generation personalized prevention and insights

DNA tests determine your health risks that you can influence by early action and lifestyle change. By knowing your risks, you can take control of your health.

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4 Family planning

Planning for the future has never been easier. Know all the information about yourself and your future family. The results from our DNA testing kits will help you and your partner get screened and give you the benefit of information.

Perfect option for couples who are planning to start a family and want to know exactly the possible health risks for the child to help prevent them more effectively.

5 Reports and recommendations just for you

The app not only provides you with DNA test results, but also offers you clear information on how to take preventive care of your health in the long term. Everything is based on unique data processing from various sources and consultations with doctors and experts.

We summarize your risk factors for the most common diseases, namely: coronary heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney stones, type 2 diabetes, and non-alcoholic steatosis of the liver.

Many disease risks are actionable if you’re aware of your predispositions and take measures to reduce them by improving your lifestyle habits. Watch out for your unhealthy habits and try to replace them with good habits instead.

Find out your genetic predisposition for different types of cancer. You will know whether to get more frequent preventive check-ups and how you can adjust your lifestyle for better health.

You will learn how efficiently your body absorbs different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. You will be able to optimize your diet and improve your current eating habits.

Find out how your genetic predispositions affect your stress resistance and sleep. Use healthy sleep hygiene to change your habits for the better.

Learn about your hereditary physical traits such as the heritability of your body height.

Find out how your body responds to different types of exercise. You will be able to better adjust your training and choose the workout activity that is best suited to your body.

Find out if you are a carrier of a common recessive disease. These are diseases that are unlikely to affect you but may affect your children.

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