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Take control of your lifestyle and uncover the secrets hidden in your DNA. Personalized recommendations will help you achieve your goals and lasting results through effective changes in your lifestyle.

You will receive 44+ insights and personalized recommendations that are tailored to your body to help you live a longer and healthier life. Our recommendations for healthy living and disease prevention are based on measurable and statistically reliable data. We create these recommendations by combining your DNA test results with information about your medical history and current lifestyle, and they are based on scientifically proven studies.

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Why is it special

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44+ results for your nutrition, sports, and sleep

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Personalized recommendations and features based on the latest research

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All findings are constantly updated and sent in the mobile app

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Simple collection of saliva sample from the comfort of your home

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FREE online consultation with a doctor

How does the testing work


Purchase a test kit and collect saliva.


Send your sample to the laboratory.


Sign in the Macromo mobile app.


Receive results and start improving.

Results overview

Quality analysis of the most important parts of your DNA is the first step towards preventive healthcare. After purchasing the test, you will learn the risks and recommendations in following areas.

Find out how efficiently your body absorbs different nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Your genes will also tell you how caffeine or alcohol affects you. Find out what your body specifically needs and optimize your diet and eating habits.

Your body's response to different types of stress and your ability to recover depends on your genes. Make the most of your potential. Find out what your predispositions, risk of injury and recovery needs are. Be more efficient in your training and achieve better results.

Quality sleep is crucial for good health. Genes can influence the depth, quality or timing of sleep. By understanding your body's sleep requirements, you can adjust your sleep hygiene so that you wake up refreshed and energized.

Genes are the cornerstone of determining your physical traits, such as your height or build. Find out what predispositions you inherited from your ancestors and are likely to pass on to your offspring.

Online medical consultation

Don't clearly understand your DNA test results or potential health conditions? Our DNA test comes with a medical consultation where a doctor will analyze your DNA reports and provide you with all the necessary information in a simple and understandable way. This online consultation lasts for 20 minutes, giving you a space to discuss any further steps you may need to take regarding your health.


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including medical consultation and family planning

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