The entire building is an exceptional medical facility
with biopsychosociospiritual health support
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Centre of Mental Rehabilitation

Mental Health and Wellbeing Center Beroun is a modern facility providing comprehensive mental health services. Our medical care is based on the professional qualities of the staff, their friendliness, understanding, and support.

The entire bulding has a complex lighting system in all rooms that fulfills the standard of chronobiological biodynamic lighting and offers multidisciplinary services using the latest methods and technologies for the treatment of mental ilness. The light restores the correct functioning of circadian rhythms. A proper light regime has numerous therapeutic effects such as treating symptoms of mood disorders, improving activity, memory, and quality and length of sleep. We also use other modern technological advances such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, chronobiological phototherapy, virtual reality, and telemedicine.

Biopsychosociospiritual health support

In the Mental Health and Wellbeing Center, medical care is viewed as complex and interconnected - in other words, services complement each other. In the center, together with modern technologies, we provide an optimized combination of individual and group psychotherapy with pharmacology, and other forms of therapies such as drama therapy, music therapy, aerobic physical activities (gym, swimming pool, and sauna), and nutritional therapy.

Efficient multidisciplinary care

Treatment in the center emphasizes continuity and multidisciplinarity of medical care. Multidisciplinarity allows easier and effective transition between individual parts of the treatment process. The center is part of a rehabilitation hospital, thus, we can provide patients with healthcare for other health difficulties as well.


Hospitalized clients can stay in single rooms equipped with modern adjustable beds, private bathroom, television, and Wi-Fi. In addition to rooms with standard equipment, we also offer the option of accommodation in exclusive apartments with superior equipment, such as a private kitchen and a large private terrace. The brand new building is a unique place elaborated down to the last detail. It uses modern technology, equipment, and devices. The center is distinguished by highly qualified doctors and medical and non-medical staff.

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