Custom-Made Prostheses
for lower and upper limbs to regain your mobility
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We specialize in the individual production of prostheses for upper and lower limbs, precisely tailored to your needs. Each prosthesis is created with consideration for your unique anatomy and functionality, aiming to achieve optimal results. Whether you have lost a limb due to an accident or illness, our prostheses will allow you to restore your daily life and regain your independence. Our services are provided with long-term expertise in the field of orthopaedic prosthetics, comprehensive service, and follow-up care.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive expertise in the field of prosthetics. We are dedicated to assisting you in selecting and creating a prosthesis that suits you and ultimately enhancing your quality of life.

The advantages we offer

1 Custom-made Prostheses

Every prosthesis we create is unique and customized to fit your needs and anatomy perfectly. Through our individualized approach, we achieve high functionality and ensure comfort while wearing the prosthesis.

2 One-week Production Time

We understand the value of time. Therefore, we utilize modern technologies and efficient processes that enable us to produce your prosthesis within one week. Our prompt delivery speed allows for a quicker return to a full and active life.

3 Subsequent rehabilitation

To help you maximize the benefits of your new prosthesis and achieve full functionality, we offer professional rehabilitation and school of walking at our partner Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital. Our experienced team of rehabilitation specialists provides essential support and helps you gain confidence and the necessary skills for a fulfilling life with the prosthesis.

4 School of Walking

It will explain how to function properly with a prosthesis, as often incorrect movement stereotypes with an altered body centre of gravity lead to unwanted overloading of other parts of the body. Another integral part is proper scar care, stump care, bandaging, and shaping.

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