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Diagnostic Centre in Prague

Diagnostic Centre in Prague

Diagnostic centre in Prague is a forefront provider of diagnostic and outpatient health services focused on children and adolescents. We provide comprehensive care for pediatric patients as well as for adults.

Under one roof, we offer a general practitioner and other medical specialization such as paediatric pneumology and allergology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, neurology and urology. Nutrition recommendations, consultations for high-risk newborns and patients with paediatric hemangiomas are also offered.

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The centre is equipped with a top-class medical and laboratory technology. Magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays and ultrasounds are available as well. These state-of-the-art devices allow physicians to make a diagnosis quickly and accurately without any unpleasant burden to patients and time delays. The diagnostic centre has been designed as a medical facility for acute and chronic paediatric patients. Therefore we cared about creating friendly environment with trustworthy atmosphere. As a part of the centre, there are two children’s zones and garden atrium, where children can play and have fun.