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Horovice hospital

Horovice Hospital offers a wide range of departments and counselling centres connected to individual wards. It provides specialised health services beyond the scope of basic medical disciplines not only to patients from the Czech Republic.

The orthopaedic department applies more than 1,000 total hip and knee replacements annually and automatically provides the necessary medical rehabilitation for their recipients at the Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital






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In recent years, the hospital has undergone extensive renovations, first in its outpatient and then inpatient sections. At present, all its wards are equipped with single to quadruple rooms with their own sanitary facilities, televisions, and internet access via the wi-fi network.

Another significant advantage in the field of patient satisfaction and health is the on-site pharmacy, which provides not only a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic products but also medical and rehabilitation aids.

Visitors to the Horovice Hospital can visit the newly renovated café, which differs from other hospital cafés in that it produces exclusive sweet and savoury products from the highest quality ingredients, and customers can enjoy quality coffee in a pleasant environment.

It is clear from the aforementioned examples that the vision of the Hospital owner is to create a medical facility that provides not only standard health care of the best quality but also to provide a unique service in the Czech Republic. And all of this in the most pleasant environment for our patients, who we also consider to be our clients.

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