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Beroun rehabilitation hospital

The rehabilitation centre of the Beroun hospital is a newly built, very modern, state-of-the-art facility – one of the best of its kind, even outside the Czech Republic.

In conjunction with the Horovice Hospital they have created, in the former administrative district of Beroun, a functional, high quality, modern, friendly, and trustworthy medical facility. The Beroun rehabilitation hospital has a quality and modern department of internal medicine ICU, department of aftercare and nowadays truly renowned workplaces - rehabilitation and arthroscopic centre. There is also a broad spectrum of outpatient care, including MRI and a modern complement of other services.






Arthroscopic surgery

data for 2022

Hospitalised patients can stay in single rooms equipped with modern adjustable beds, with a private bathroom, TV, and Wi-Fi. In addition to rooms with standard equipment, we also offer the possibility to be accommodated in exclusive suites with abovestandard equipment, such as an electric fireplace, a private kitchen, and a balcony or terrace.

Renovated buildings up to the last detail, new technologically, advanced equipment, the most modern devices, and most importantly - skilled specialists from the ranks of doctors and other medical staff, services which are often compared to a quality hotel's service by our clients. The positive feedback continues to come in, acknowledging the equipment, expertise, willingness, kindliness, and humanity of the doctors and other medical staff and much more – this is the current Beroun rehabilitation centre.

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