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Rehabilitation treatment

The Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital treats patients with traumatological diagnoses and patients recovering from neurosurgery and spine surgery such as spondylosis – or any manner of spinal degeneration.

Comprehensive medical rehabilitation is also used in patients with spine and joint pain of different origins and in patients with neurological disorders, for example after a stroke, multiple sclerosis, and also with other neurological diagnoses.

Furthermore, it provides comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation (hospitalisation), especially for patients after an orthopaedic surgery, mainly after total knee, hip, or shoulder joint surgery and after arthroscopic surgery of large joints.

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Spectrum of the most common diagnoses and rehabilitation treatments

Conditions after fractures of limbs and after osteosynthesis in the limbs and pelvis. Furthermore, distortion or spraining in the area of the upper and lower ends of the joints.

Especially conditions after arthroscopic operations, total endoprosthesis of the knee and hip joint, and scoliosis.

Among patients with neurological diagnoses include patients after a stroke, peripheral paralysis, muscle diseases, polyneuropathy of various origins (diabetic, hereditary, etc.), and conditions after injuries and brain surgery.

Spine pain of various origins and radicular syndromes