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Rehabilitation treatment

Rehabilitation programs are designed by combining individual treatments and active movement. They are carried out in Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital, one of the best facilities of its kind not only in the Czech Republic. You can enjoy superior accommodation in private rooms and top-quality equipment and personnel of the hospital.

Our comprehensive medical rehabilitation aims to eliminate or positively affect the patient’s disability in all areas, improve their quality of life as much as possible, and contribute to their full ability to work and integrate into society.

Hospitalised patients are guaranteed up to 10 treatment procedures per day; the number of treatment procedures is limited on weekends and holidays. However, the number and type of treatment procedures depends on the patient’s state of health.

In terms of staffing and equipment, the Rehabilitation Centre of the Hospital of Beroun can provide medical rehabilitation for a wide range of patients with individual and varied problems and diseases.

Spectrum of the most common diagnoses and rehabilitation treatments

Conditions after fractures of limbs and after osteosynthesis in the limbs and pelvis. Furthermore, distortion or spraining in the area of the upper and lower ends of the joints.

Especially conditions after arthroscopic operations, total endoprosthesis of the knee and hip joint, and scoliosis.

Among patients with neurological diagnoses include patients after a stroke, peripheral paralysis, muscle diseases, polyneuropathy of various origins (diabetic, hereditary, etc.), and conditions after injuries and brain surgery.

The goal of rehabilitation after an amputation is to help the patient return to the highest level of function and independence possible, while improving the overall quality of life—physically, emotionally, and socially.

Spinal pain of various origins and radicular syndromes

As part of the nutritional rehabilitation program, we focus on education about healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, exercise in the gym under the guidance of a trainer and other activities leading to weight loss.

Rehabiliation treatment for all patients who suffered with COVID-19 which has have impact on their health.

Where is rehabilitation treatment provided?

The rehabilitation centre of Beroun Hospital is a newly built, very moder, state-of-the-art facility - one of the best of its kind, even outside the Czech Republic.

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